Our Field Boundary service has proved its ability and established successful partnerships. Some companies integrated our Rest-API to their digital farming application and gained further valued features to their system.


One prominent example:


Precision farming app

Solorrow uses satellite imagery to analyze agricultural fields and show your fields performance. The app creates different field zones and determines the optimum application rate for each individual zone based on the average dosage. From this, an application map is created and exported, which can be loaded into the control unit of any agricultural machine. More information on the Solorrow website.


This is how the Field Boundary API is used in Solorrow.

1. Field Boundary Detection

1. Field Boundary Detection

Field Boundaries by request: Our system provides a polygon of the field geometry in geoJSON format.

2. Classification of zones

2. Classification of zones

Based on the field geometry, Solorrow divides the field into different zones according to the amount of biomass.



We provide our own Field Boundary application. It gives the opportunity to test the performance of our Field Boundary API. In addition, field information about your crops can be stored in your account as well.


1. Field Boundary Detection


2. Add Field information


You can download the app for free!

Contact us and let’s discuss how the Field Boundary API can leverage your digital farming service.